About Ray of Hope Ministries

RAY OF HOPE MINISTRIES was organized by Patty Perez and Ray Gough in 2011.  We are two friends who think of ourselves as ordinary people who have personally needed and experienced God’s hope, peace, love, and joy in the midst of a trouble filled world.  We believe that people of all ages, races, nations, and religious beliefs (including non-belief) also need and desire to have such experience and might in turn share their positive experiences with still others.  We believe God creates and uses human beings to participate with Him in fully establishing a world of hope, love, peace, and joy for all persons.  We see ourselves as just a small part of a movement of ordinary people helping each other in seeking and experiencing good news in the midst of bad news, hope when there seems to be no hope, and love, peace and joy where these do not seem possible.
 Toward that end we have developed RAY OF HOPE MINISTRIES as an informal interactive internet-based forum where ordinary people can receive and share messages of HOPE as part of a world-wide on-line community.  While we are participating members of a United Methodist Church, and will speak from a Christian perspective, our purpose is NOT to “convert” people to our faith or any faith. Our purpose is to enlighten your day with a Ray of Hope and help spread God’s love, joy and peace to anyone and everyone who chooses to be in contact with us. 
              In June 2011 we began our first ministry, in the form of a blog – TODAY’S ENLIGHTENMENT – SHINING GOD’S LIGHT WITH A RAY OF HOPE (www.rohmnj.wordpress.com). In January 2013- we added a new ministry – RAY OF HOPE ON-LINE BIBLE STUDY (www.rohmbible.wordpress.com). 
We look forward to speaking to and hearing from people of many different faiths and those with no faith, with messages concerning the theme of HOPE.  All we ask is that that all who participate, demonstrate polite and respectful dialogue 

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